Welcome to Smart ELD!

Supported Modified Accessible and Relevant Teaching
for English Language Development

We provide professional development on instruction, assessment and general teaching of English language learners of all ages and backgrounds. Our program is designed to meet a range of needs, based on individual, site or district. This can include small group, large group or individual trainings or consultations. Our services include three main components: an initial site or classroom evaluation to help us tailor our services to your specific needs, professional development on various English language
development topics and strategies, and ongoing coaching.

Our Mission

Above all, we are an organization by and for language learners and teachers.  As individuals that have lived the experiences on both sides of language learning and teaching those that are learning a language, finding the best strategies and methods is at the heart of everything that we do.  As continuing scholars ourselves, we are committed to trying and testing our methods, researching, improving, and trying again. Our position as teachers that are committed to our own endless education also functions as a source of inspiration for our students to be lifelong learners as well- that also research, reflect and implement continuously.  The formation of our organization serves to share these ideas and practices with our fellow educators, with the goal that something useful can be taken from our daily labor and applied beyond our own classroom walls.